Composition of Economic Land:

Economic land within the State’s private domain intended for investment projects encompasses:

  • Developed land within Industrial and activity zones.
  • Developed land within the perimeter of new cities.
  • Developed land within expansion zones and touristic sites.
  • Developed land within technology parks.
  • Residual real estate assets of dissolved public enterprises.
  • Surplus real estate assets of economic public enterprises.

Economic Land Concession:

  • The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI) is the sole channel for submitting applications for granting economic land through its digital platform.
  • Economic land for investment projects is granted via a mutual agreement concession convertible into a transferable concession, for a period of thirty-three (33) years renewable, as decided by the AAPI.
  • The duration for posting the list of real properties intended for investment projects is thirty (30) days.
  • Registered applications for economic land concession are processed, and responses from the AAPI are provided within a maximum of fifteen (15) days after the posting deadline expires.
  • When state-owned land subject to concession application is situated within the perimeter of an expansion zone, touristic site, industrial zone, activity zone, technological park, or new city, the location of the investment project must adhere to specifications, requirements of the published subdivision permit, and approved development plans.

Eligibility of the Applicant for Economic Land:

Any natural or legal person, national or foreign, resident or non-resident, as defined by Law no. 22-18 of July 24, 2022, regarding investment, undertaking an investment project, is eligible to apply for a concession agreement convertible into a transferable concession of real property within the State’s private domain.

Pre-Registration Process
For The Economic Land Application


Complete the following details via the digital platform:

  • The proposed activity.
  • The location and size of the targeted real property.
  • The financial plan (projected project cost, personal contribution amount, and financial credit amount).
  • A form with a comprehensive project description.
Automatic Pre-processing

The applicant’s data is automatically processed to determine project eligibility.


Upon confirmation of eligibility, the applicant formalizes the application registration and receives a pre-registration certificate generated by the investor’s digital platform.

Processing The Economic Land Application


The application for economic land concession is digitally processed using the project evaluation grid, which is matched with the real estate property targeted by the applicant.

décision provisioire

Based on the processing results, the investment project with the highest score according to the evaluation grid is selected, and a provisional decision is issued. It’s important to note that this decision does not grant immediate concession rights.

décision définitive

Once the appeal period, as stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 22-296 of September 4, 2022, has elapsed, the provisional decision becomes final. The retained investors are not informed during the provisional decision phase.

Right Of Appeal

submission of an appeal at the level of AAPI

Any applicant who feels aggrieved can submit a complaint to the AAPI within the specified deadlines from the date of receiving the decision regarding their concession application.

submission of an appeal at the level of the high commitee of appeals

If the complaint receives a favorable response from the AAPI, the applicant can further appeal to the High National Commission for Investment-Related Appeals within the provided timeframe.

final decision
  • If the appeal is deemed inadmissible by the High National Commission, the AAPI notifies the final decision authorizing the concession for the selected investor.
  • If the appeal is deemed admissible, the AAPI notifies the final decision to the investor, terminating the provisional decision.

Additional Procedures and Obligations Related to Obtaining
a Real Estate Concession for Investment

subscription to the concession's specifications
  • Upon receiving the decision granting the concession, the beneficiary investor is invited by the one-stop shop to subscribe to the specifications.
  • These specifications outline the clauses and conditions for granting the concession agreement, convertible into a transferable concession, as per the model determined by decree.
  • By subscribing to the specifications, the investor commits to implementing the investment project fully in compliance with the specified clauses and conditions.
rental fee

The investor is required to pay an annual rental fee as specified in the current legislation for the concession agreement convertible into a transferable concession. This fee becomes payable from the date the project enters into operation.

establishment on the concession agreement

The competent State’s property services establish the concession deed within eight (8) days upon receiving the file transmitted by the AAPI One-stop shop.

The file includes various documents such as identity documents, the final decision, subscribed specifications, statutes for legal entities, and the trade register.

taking prossession of economic land
  • The concessionaire takes possession of the granted real property based on a report drafted by the AAPI One-stop shop services as soon as the concession deed is issued.
  • The concessionaire is obligated to commence the implementation works of the investment project within the specified timeframe in the specifications, under penalty of termination
buildind permit and mortgage
  • The concession grants the beneficiary the right to obtain a building permit.
  • Additionally, it confers the right to mortgage the real right resulting from the concession. However, this mortgage does not apply to the granted land within the State’s private domain until the conversion of the concession into a final transferable concession.
deadline for completion of the investment project

The deadline for completing the investment project, for which the convertible concession into transferable concession has been granted, is determined in accordance with Law No. 22-18 of July 24, 2022.

Conversion Of The Concession Into A Transferable Concession

The concession can be converted into a transferable concession upon the request of the concessionaire after meeting certain conditions such as effective completion of the project, obtaining a certificate of conformity, and entry into operation of the project verified by relevant authorities.

The AAPI must carry out the operation of converting the concession into a transferable concession within a period not exceeding three (3) months from receiving the application.

The deed establishing the transfer of concession is drawn up by the competent State’s property service, at the diligence of the AAPI through its One-stop shop, within a period not exceeding fifteen (15) days from the date of transmission of the file by the AAPI.