living in Algeria





Heir to a millennia-old past, Algeria occupies the vastest and most diverse space in all of North Africa. Deeply shaped by history, it bears witness to the richness of its lands, its cultural diversity, and the resilience of its people. Fully proud of its authentic and modern Algerian identity, and resolutely confident in its future.

Drawing strength from its age-old Amazigh heritage, its belonging to Arab civilization, and its adherence to the values of Islam, today’s Algeria approaches the challenges of globalization with the spirit of tolerance, openness, and exchange.

In addition to its climatic and touristic assets, Algeria stands out for its exceptional quality of life, attractive to those seeking a balanced, exciting, and fulfilling life.

A High-Performing Healthcare System
  • Access to Healthcare:

Algeria is investing in its healthcare system, providing extensive access to medical care across the country.

  • Quality of Medical Infrastructure:

Hospitals and medical facilities are equipped with modern technologies and highly qualified healthcare professionals.

  • Life Expectancy:

Algeria has shown a consistently increasing life expectancy (76.5 years in 2022), reflecting the quality of available healthcare.

Education: Training For All
  • Availability and Quality of Educational Institutions:

From primary schools to universities, Algeria offers a range of quality educational institutions.

  • Education Level of the Population:

The commitment to education is evident, with a significant percentage of the population holding higher education degrees.

  • Access to Lifelong Learning Opportunities:

Continuing education programs encourage professional development at all stages of life.

Environment: A Breath Of Fresh Air
  • Air and Water Quality:

Efforts to preserve the environment have led to a significant improvement in air and water quality.

  • Waste Management:

Innovative waste management initiatives contribute to the cleanliness of cities and the preservation of the ecosystem.

  • Access to Green Spaces and Nature:

Natural parks and reserves provide green escapes for nature lovers of all kinds.

Economy: Real Opportunities
  • Income Level and Purchasing Power:

Algeria maintains a decent standard of living with steadily growing economic opportunities.

  • Unemployment Rate:

Government initiatives stimulate job creation, contributing to a low unemployment rate.

  • Employment Opportunities:

Emerging markets offer promising prospects for professionals across various sectors.

  • Crime Rate:

Algeria is recognized for its stability and low crime rate, ensuring a secure environment.

  • Political Stability:

Political stability fosters a conducive climate for business and daily life.

  • Personal Safety:

Citizens and residents benefit from a sense of personal safety.

Housing: Welcoming Habitat
  • Accessibility and Cost of Housing:

A variety of housing options are available at affordable prices, catering to the needs of diverse families.

  • Quality of Available Housing:

High standards are maintained to ensure the quality of available housing.

Culture And Leisure: Enjoy Yourselves
  • Cultural Offerings:

Theaters, museums, and cultural events provide a rich array of artistic and historical experiences.

  • Entertainment Options:

From vibrant nightlife to local festivals, Algeria offers a diverse range of entertainment options.

  • Recreational Opportunities:

From sunny beaches to majestic mountains, Algeria offers varied options for leisure activities.

Transport: Stay Mobile!
  • Quality of Transport Infrastructure:

Modern roads, well-maintained airports, and railway networks facilitate mobility.

  • Accessibility and Efficiency of Public Transport:

Public transportation is accessible and efficient, simplifying travel.

  • Traffic Conditions:

Efforts to improve road infrastructure have significantly enhanced traffic conditions.

Social Relationships: The Algerian Family
  • Quality of Social Relationships:

Algerian warmth and hospitality contribute to strong social bonds.

  • Tolerance and Cultural Diversity:

A diverse and tolerant society reflects Algeria’s cultural richness.

  • Level of Community Participation:

Active communities encourage engagement and solidarity.

Work - Personal Life: A Balance Found
  • Availability and Quality of Public Services:

The supply of electricity, water, and other public services is reliable and of high quality.

  • Efficiency of Government Services:

Efficient government services streamline administrative procedures.

Climate: Breathe, Change
  • Personal Climatic Preferences:

Various climates allow residents to choose the environment that best suits their preferences.

  • General Weather Conditions of the Country:

The Mediterranean climate offers mild winters and sunny summers, creating pleasant weather conditions.