Regulated activities

Regulated activities and professions are subject to specific rules defined by the laws and regulations governing them.

According to Executive Decree No. 15-234 of August 29, 2015, which lays down the conditions and modalities for carrying out regulated activities and professions subject to registration in the Trade Register, regulated activities and professions are defined as specific activities whose exercise can only be authorized if the conditions required by the regulations are met.

These regulated activities or professions are considered as such due to their potential direct impact on concerns or interests related to:

  • Public order
  • Security of properties and people
  • Preservation of natural resources and public assets constituting the national heritage
  • Public health
  • Environment

To be classified as regulated activities or professions, an activity or profession must be subject to specific regulations stipulated by executive decree on the proposal of the Minister or relevant ministers.

In accordance with Article 04 of Executive Decree No. 15-234, registration in the Trade Register for the exercise of a regulated activity or profession requires the presentation of an authorization or provisional approval issued by the competent authority or institution. However, the effective exercise of the regulated activity or profession remains subject to obtaining the final authorization or approval issued by the administration or authorized institution, if the conditions allow for the pursuit of activities and professions.

Regulated Activities

Regulated activities are presented under the following headings

  • Industrial production (bitumen, gas, pharmaceutical and fertilizer products, emblems, weapons, tobacco)
  • Wholesale market (vegetables and fruits, phytosanitary and veterinary pharmaceutical products, lubricants) and Retail market (beverage, fuel, street vendor, phytosanitary pharmaceutical products…)
  • Import & export (tobacco, fuels, pharmaceutical and phytosanitary products, etc.)
  • Services (hotel, restaurant, café, tea room, ambulance, public transport, air transport, railway transport, fitness centre, daycare centre, confection of stamps, currency exchange counter)

List of regulated activities or rrofessions

  • Basic texts and professions (accountant, notary, judicial officer) and auxiliary goods
  • Liberal professions (doctor, surgeon, veterinarian) and real estate agent
  • Call centre, Internet café, party room & services (Conditions and modalities for setting up and operating tourism agencies, hotels, campsites)
  • Activities related to dangerous materials and chemicals.