Partnership Exchange

In an effort to revitalize Algeria’s economic landscape, and as part of its missions to support investors in realizing their investment projects, the introduction of a Partnership Exchange emerges as an innovative concept. This exchange will provide a virtual space where economic actors can exchange ideas, discuss projects, and explore cooperation opportunities. This initiative could pave the way for new synergies and more dynamic economic growth.

What is the Partnership Exchange?

The Partnership Exchange is a database designed to list investment project offers in Algeria. It serves as a repository of project proposals that may interest foreign investors.

Operators wishing to participate in this initiative can submit a description of their projects and their partnership expectations using the project profile form available on the investor’s digital platform. « Prévoir un lien de téléchargement de la fiche projet ». 

After processing the profiles by the services of the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency, a restricted dissemination of some information will be made while respecting the confidentiality of the data.

Registration for the Partnership Exchange is free of charge.

Objective of the Partnership Exchange

The online Partnership Exchange aims to simplify and optimize interactions between national and international investors, creating a conducive environment for fruitful and enduring partnerships. Its objectives include:

  • Collecting project ideas.
  • Identifying the objectives targeted by establishing a partnership.
  • Identifying the needs of local investors.
  • Finding potential partners among foreign direct investors (FDIs).
  • Facilitating contacts between potential partners.
  • Organizing matchmaking at the request of stakeholders.
  • Having updated and reliable data on local and foreign companies.
  • Providing investors and project promoters with a networking space.
Who Can Register in this Partnership Exchange

The Partnership Exchange is a mechanism through which investors, whether national or foreign, announce their partnership intentions, and the Agency will act as an intermediary to facilitate the connection between local and foreign investors.

It is open to all national or foreign investors seeking a partner to realize an investment project in Algeria.

Access to the Exchange
  • Investors or project promoters looking for a partner to carry out an investment project in Algeria.
  • Investors or project promoters looking for an idea for a partnership project in Algeria.