Digital Investor Platform

Presentation of the Investor's Digital Platform





A digital service called the “Investor’s Digital Platform” has been created, managed by the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency, to provide all necessary information, particularly on investment opportunities in Algeria, land offers, investment incentives and advantages, as well as related procedures.

This digital platform, interconnected with the information systems of organizations and administrations involved in the investment project implementation process, ensures the dematerialization of all procedures and the online completion of all formalities related to investment. It also allows for the adaptation of procedures according to the type of investments and requests.

Additionally, it serves as an electronic instrument for guidance, support, and monitoring of investments from their registration through the operational period. The implementation of this platform aims to promote and enhance investment while contributing to improving the business climate.

Article 23 of Law 22-18 relating to Investment

Its Objectives





The digital platform aims to:

  • Handle, simplify, and facilitate the processes of business creation and investment.
  • Improve communication between investors and the economic administration.
  • Ensure transparency in the procedures to be carried out and the methods of processing investor files.
  • Expedite the processing and examination of investor files by the relevant services.
  • Enable investors to remotely monitor the progress of their files.
  • Optimize public service in terms of deadlines, agent performance, and service quality.
  • Improve the internal functioning of public services and make them more available and accessible to investors.
  • Organize efficient collaboration between the administrations involved in the act of investing.
  • Facilitate direct and instant exchange between agents of the relevant administrations and organizations.

Its Advantages

  • Assistance in company creation
  • Online registration of investment projects
  • Traceability and transparency allowing for file tracking
  • Significant reduction in investor travel
  • Instant and easy access to information for system users
  • Automatic reporting of data and information reliability
  • Improvement of decision-making efficiency (statistics, dashboards, and trends)
  • Centralized, ergonomic system accessible from a web browser
  • Through a single electronic account, the investor can access and request all the functionalities required for their project
  • Monitoring of project realization from creation to operational phase through data input by various stakeholders (AAPI executives, administrations represented at the One stop shop, customs, tax services, CNAS, etc.)

Who Can Use This Platform?





Any project holder or investor wishing to:

  • Obtain information related to all aspects of their investment project implementation
  • Register their investment project
  • Benefit from incentives granted under the investment encouragement scheme, as provided by current regulations
  • Request economic land
  • Benefit from the platform’s services.