Obligations related to recruitment

According to Law No. 20-03 amending and supplementing Law No. 04-19 on the placement of workers and employment control, the National Employment Agency, municipalities, and accredited private organizations are required to fulfill the job offer within a maximum period of five working days from the date of its submission.

The employer cannot proceed with direct recruitment before the expiration of the specified period. In case of failure, the employer may proceed with direct recruitment while immediately informing the aforementioned agency.

The employer is obliged to process all requests from job seekers directed and registered on the nominative lists sent to them by the authorized placement agency and to notify this agency of the outcome reserved for them.

When transmitting labor needs to the employment agency, even if it is for a single position, it is necessary to provide this agency with all the recruitment-related information, including:

  • The industry sector;
  • The profiles of candidates to be recruited;
  • The nature and number of positions as well as the type of employment contract proposed (fixed-term or permanent).

If the company chooses to recruit through local employment agencies, a website is available for registration and job posting at

Note that it is recommended to mention the number of positions available, the titles of each position, as well as the requirements regarding diplomas and professional experience.

It is also noteworthy that recruitment through the National Employment Agency (ANEM) allows for certain reductions in social security contributions.

  • Once recruitment is completed, the employer must proceed with the affiliation of the new employee to the National Social Security Fund (CNAS) within a maximum period of ten (10) days by completing the request form which can be downloaded from the link accompanied by an administrative file of the new recruit.

Indeed, Law 83-14 stipulates that individuals, regardless of their nationality, who engage in salaried or equivalent activity in Algeria, or who are undergoing training, for one or more employers, regardless of the amount or nature of their remuneration, the form, nature, or validity of their contract or employment relationship, are obligatorily affiliated with social security.

WassitOnline” Electronic Platform

In the context of simplifying and facilitating administrative procedures and continuing the program of modernizing services, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security provides citizens and users of the Sector with an integrated series of intelligent solutions and electronic applications. “WassitOnline” is an electronic platform created in 2018 by the National Employment Agency (ANEM) in Algeria. It consists of two spaces: “Job Seeker Space” and “Employer Space.”

Job Seeker Space

Is intended for job seekers and offers several online services, such as job seeker registration, updating personal data, consulting job offers, printing CVs and registration cards, as well as consulting orientation and convocation lists;

Employer Space

Is dedicated to employers and allows user identification to access recruitment and job offer management services.