Building Permits

The building permit is a crucial document issued by the City Hall of the relevant municipality, granting authorization for urban planning and development. This permission applies to any new construction or alterations to existing structures.

Where to get a building permit ?

To obtain a building permit applicants should contact the urban planning representative at the One-stop shop of the AAPI.

Building Permit Application File

Building permit application file

The application for a building permit must be completed and signed by the property owner, their authorized representative, or the occupant. If the applicant is a legal entity, the application should include a copy of the statutes.

Supporting documents for the application include:

  • Copy of the deed of ownership.
  • Mandate.
  • Certified copy of the administrative act.
  • Copy of the statutes (for legal persons).
Administrative file
  • Subdivision permit references (if applicable)
  • Order authorizing the creation or extension of classified establishments
  • Certificate of viability for structures in authorized subdivisions
Architecture file
  • Location map
  • Ground plan
  • Interior distribution plans for different construction levels
  • Description and estimate of works with completion deadlines
  • Written and graphic demonstrations indicating construction details
Technical file
  • Notice with useful diagrams, including:
  • Workforces and premise capacities
  • Roof construction method and materials
  • Description of utility systems (electricity, gas, water supply, etc.)
  • Sewage system plans
  • Description of production equipment, storage, etc.
  • Fire defense and rescue measures
  • Nature and quantities of substances in wastewater and emissions
  • Noise level (for industrial/commercial buildings and public establishments)

Note: The technical notice requirement does not apply to individual housing constructions.

The civil engineering study

The civil engineering study for a building permit includes a report prepared and signed by a certified civil engineer, along with plan views of the structures at the same scales as the plans in the architecture file.

Subsequent Steps In The Building Permit Process

  • The application and accompanying files are sent to the president of the municipal people’s assembly in eight (8) copies for projects requiring consultation with public services.
  • A receipt is issued on the same day by the president of the municipal people’s assembly, confirming the submission date after verification.
Application Examination
  • The file examination is conducted through the One-stop shop of the municipality if the building permit issuance falls under the jurisdiction of the president of the communal Popular Assembly.
  • The file examination is carried out through the Wilaya’s One-stop shop if the responsibility for building permit issuance lies with the Wali or the Minister responsible for urban Planning.
Deadlines for Issue

A building permit order is issued within twenty (20) days of filing.

Building Permit Validity

The building permit is considered expired if construction does not commence within the specified period mentioned in the building permit order.

  • An applicant dissatisfied with the reply or facing silence from the competent authority may lodge an appeal against acknowledgment of receipt with the wilaya.
  • If no reply is received within the prescribed period following the filing of the appeal, a second appeal can be made to the Ministry of Urban Planning.
Expiry of the Building Permit
  • The building permit expires if construction is not initiated within the period specified in the building permit order.
  • For any start or resumption of works after the validity period, a new application for a building permit is mandatory.
  • The new application results in a building permit issued without new examination if there are no negative changes to urban planning provisions and development requirements, and the works comply with the initial permit.
Subdivision Permit Expiry
  • A subdivision permit expires if development works are not initiated within three (3) years from its notification or if the prescribed development works are not completed within the specified period.
  • The subdivision permit expiration prevents the operation from continuing except for completed development works.
  • For any start or resumption of works after the validity period, a new application for a subdivision permit is mandatory.
  • The new application results in a subdivision permit issued without new examination if there are no negative changes to development and urban planning provisions.