Call for applications

Call for applications
for higher positions

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI) is a public administrative establishment endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy, placed under the tutelage of the Prime Minister, with the mandate to:

  • Position Algeria as an attractive investment destination ;
  • Communicate about investment opportunities, particularly in productive sectors, to attract as many investors as possible ;
  • Assist investors in administrative procedures for the implementation of their investment projects, including granting advantages ;
  • Manage the granting of economic lands intended for the realization of investment projects ;
  • Monitor the implementation of investment projects and the execution of commitments made by the operators ;
  • Advocate for the creation of a general climate conducive to investments.

As part of strengthening its central and decentralized services with qualified personnel, the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency is launching a call for applications in order to hire senior executives.

Applicants must meet the following conditions :

  • Hold a university degree in the following fields : Geography and territory planning, economics and applied statistics, finance and accounting, taxation, auditing, land law;
  • Have a minimum professional experience of 5 years ;
  • Have a mastery of at least one foreign language ;

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications (cover letter + curriculum vitae), exclusively by email, through the following address : , no later than March 15th, 2024.

Only pre-selected candidates will be invited to attend an interview, and shall bring the supporting documents of the certificates and diplomas mentioned in the CVs.