Announcement for Project holders in the sub-contracting activity
related to the automotive industry

June 26th 2024

In anticipation of the allocation of a group of real assets, ranging from 4800 m² to 11 800 m², for the region of Tefraoui in Oran, to complete projects in the field of sub-contracting for the automotive industry, the Algerian agency for investment promotion invites all holders of related projects to submit their investment intentions by filling out the form placed at their disposal at the link 

In order for the agency to determine the nature of the activities, to which these real assets will be directed, on the technical cards for publication on the investor’s digital platform, project holders are requested to specify the final product as well as the minimum space required for the embodiment of the project.

Note: this announcement is about expressing investment intentions in order to be taken into account when publishing. As to the application procedures, they are carried out, after the publication process, exclusively through the investor’s digital platform