Tourism Sector

Through its expected effects in Algeria, tourism is no longer a choice; it has become a national economic priority. Tourism is a key driver of socioeconomic development.

In this context, the SDAT program is an instrument which reflects the State willingness to develop the natural, cultural and historical potential of the country and to put it at the service of the “tourism development” of Algeria in order to raise it to the top. competitive destination rank.

Algeria Destination Plan: Increase the attractiveness and notoriety of « Algeria Destination »

The new concept of Algerian tourism is based on the country's natural and built assets and on current trends in world tourism.

It defines 7 sectors that need to be promoted:

  1. Internal tourism.
  2. Saharan Tourism "Desert" (among the "must" of the planet).
  3. Seaside Tourism (on the Mediterranean coastal segment).
  4. City tourism (with varied and complementary sub-sectors: peri-urban leisure and fun-shopping, business tourism, discovery of the heart of cities, etc.).
  5. Thermal and Well-being Tourism.
  6. Cultural and Event Tourism.
  7. Tourism of Niches, constitutive of modern tourism (diving, hunting, climbing, raid, marathon…).

Investments development

The 5 prerequisites for investment

  1. Tourist sites Preservation and enhancement.
  2. Tourist Expansion Zones Classification and study.
  3. Land remediation.
  4. Accessibility and Servicing.
  5. Land stock reconstruction.

The Tourism Quality Plan (PQT)

  • An increasingly competitive international environment
  • Expectation of a better quality / price ratio.
  • Customers to conquer or win back.
  • Increasingly high expectations of hospitality, health and safety from national or international tourists.
  • Strongly evolving international standards.

Transversality: articulation of the tourist chain and Public-Private Partnership

The  adopted approach:

  • To activate in organized row.
  • To create a partnership between operators working in the chain of production and distribution of tourist products.
  • To ensure consistency in the tourism offer, as part of a partnership involving all the players concerned.

To mobilize operational funding

This plan is oriented towards supporting tourism activities and investors, through:

  • Partnerships with financial institutions and banks,
  • Linking promoters and investors with bankers and financiers to ensure reliable project implementation.
  • Support promoters and tourist investment projects holders, with the concerned departments to obtain the various administrative authorizations required to launch projects,
  • Battery of financial and economic measures agreed by the State (included in the finance laws).

The Algerian tourism new positioning: the Five (5) Founding Dynamics

Tourism Development National Agency (ANDT)

Tourism Development National Agency (ANDT)

Is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment

ANDT is in charge of :

  1. Ensuring Tourist Expansion Zones (ZET) protection and preservation ;
  2. Identifying the land portfolio under the State Private Domain (DPE) for its concession ;
  3. Exercise the right of pre-emption for the benefit of the State over private property located within the Tourist Expansion Zones (ZET)
  4. Carrying out studies and development of land intended for tourist, hotel and spa activities
  5. Ensuring common facilities and equipment maintenance.

What is a Tourist Expansion Zone (ZET)?

The Tourist Expansion Zone is classified tourist land which, by virtue of the assets it conceals, is protected by law, and its operation is reserved exclusively for tourist activities. The Tourist Expansion Zone is subject to a Tourist Development Plan (PAT) which determines the building space specified by an infrastructure program to be carried out. The tourist land classified at the national level has 205 ZETs which total a land area of 53,197.63 Ha.

Benefits related to land access

The concession modalities are as follows:

  • The annual rental fee is set by the Domains services, with territorial jurisdiction, and corresponding to 1 / 20th of the market value of the granted land.
  • A rental fee amount reduction is set as follows:
    1. 90% during the investment realisation period, which may be from one (1) year to three (03) years.
    2. 50% during the operating period which may extend from one (01) year to three (03) years.
    3. At the symbolic dinar per square meter (m2) for a period of ten (10) years and 50% of the amount of the state fee beyond this period for investment projects located in the wilayas used for the execution programs of the South and the high lands.
    4. At the symbolic dinar per square meter (m2) for a period of fifteen (15) years and 50% of the amount of the state fee beyond this period, for investment projects located in the wilayas of the Great South (LFC 2009).

What are the incentives measures for tourism investment?

Algerian Investment Promotion Agency

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency –AAPI– is a public institution of an administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.


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