Agriculture Sector

Agriculture and rural development policy is focused on strengthening the country’s food security, reducing the imbalance in the trade balance of basic agrifood products and effectively contributing to the diversification of the national economy.

The efforts to develop agriculture and rural territories and Saharan agriculture and mountains will be oriented towards the implementation of structured actions, aimed at a harmonious occupation of rural territories, combined with a sustainable exploitation of natural resources. by promoting private initiative that creates wealth and employment.

As such, Algeria wants to transform agriculture into a real engine of overall economic growth and through intensification of production including strategic agrifood sectors and also through the promotion of integrated development of all rural areas.

Agriculture and Rural Development Policy

Strategic axes of agricultural and rural development policy

The development axes within the framework of the five-year program 2020-2024 relate to:

  • The development of agricultural production through the expansion of irrigated areas;
  • Increased production and productivity;
  • Rational use of agricultural land;
  • Agricultural and rural development in mountain areas;
  • The preservation, development and enhancement of the forest heritage;
  • Agricultural and rural development in the steppe steppes and agro-pastoral areas;
  • Development and promotion in the Saharan territories;
  • Integrating knowledge and digitization into development programs.
  • Coverage of basic food needs by increasing agricultural production and productivity;
  • Development of a new agricultural and rural model, driven by private investment and the emergence of a new generation of producers;
  • Improving the competitiveness of agrifood and forestry products and the integration of international value chains;
  • Sustainable and balanced development of rural territories, in particular in mountainous and Sahara areas;
  • Agriculture modernization by integrating knowledge products and digitization.

Objectives to be achieved by 2024

Algerian agriculture main assets

  • Wide diversity of agro-climatic environments.
  • Low use of chemicals.
  • a large market (local and close to external markets: Mediterranean basin, African countries).
  • Possibility of production and deployment on the market year-round and off-season;
  • A wide range of products;
  • High quality and even organic products.
Agricultural activities to be developed

As part of ongoing programs, the Agriculture sector attaches great importance to the agriculture modernization through the agricultural sectors enhancement, by strengthening human capacities and innovation, by consolidating plant and animals health systems and preserving natural resources, particularly forests, pastoral and steppe areas.

The agricultural activities to be developed are:

  • Activities aimed at:
  • Increasing agricultural production;
  • Developing livestock and local meat production;
  • Developing of forestry potential ;
  • Activities that promote agro-industrial integration;
  • The milk sector activities.

The mountain agriculture

The activities to be developed in the mountainous environment are:

  • existing crops intensification and fruit growing extension;
  • small livestock units creation;
  • local products and rural professions promotion;
  • encouragement of small businesses and young project promoters for the construction of basic infrastructure and development in mountain areas.

The Saharan agriculture

The option for the enhancement of Saharan territories is strongly affirmed in the government's approach, which pays particular attention to the development of these spaces, through the implementation of an ambitious development program which is based on:

  • Saharan routes development for camel and goat breeding development through actions to build and / or rehabilitate water points and health coverage for livestock;
  • Camel products promotion through the creation of small service, slaughtering, mini-dairies and craft units;
  • traditional oasis systems rehabilitation and structuring actions development
  • Palm groves protection and rejuvenation, rehabilitation of foggaras, acquisition of water-saving irrigation systems and renovation of drainage systems;
  • Agricultural perimeters and modern oasis system rehabilitation by strengthening support mechanisms for renewable energies use.

Agricultural activities to be developed

Financing methods for the benefit of the Agriculture Sector

  • The support granted through  Special Assignment Accounts (C.A.S);
  • Financed Programs with state assistance (on the equipment budget);
  • The subsidies granted on budgets, in particular for the prices of cereals and milk;
  • Subsidized credits: RFIG (campaign credit) and Ettahadi credit (investment credit);
  • An FGA Bank Credit Guarantee Fund, intended to guarantee agricultural credits;
  • The establishment of the agricultural insurance system, intended to secure production and agricultural holdings.

Algerian Investment Promotion Agency

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency –AAPI– is a public institution of an administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.


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