The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency -AIPA-

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency -AIPA- is a public institution of an administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy. It is placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister, it is competent to receive investment projects undertaken by nationals or foreigners in the various economic activities of production of goods and services, except for the upstream sectors of hydrocarbons, themselves managed by a specific device.

AIPA, in coordination with the relevant authorities and bodies, is responsible for:

  • promoting and enhancing, in Algeria as well as abroad, the investment and Algeria attractiveness, in relationship with the Algerian diplomatic and consular representations abroad;
  • informing and raising awareness in the business community;
  • ensuring the management of the investor’s digital platform;
  • recording and processing investment files;
  • supporting the investor in carrying out the formalities related to his investment;
  • managing the advantages, including those relating to the portfolio of projects declared or registered before the date of publication of this law;
  • • monitoring the investment projects progress.
1- In the field of information

  • to provide, regarding all areas relevant to investment, a reception and information service for the benefit of investors;
  • to collect, process, produce and disseminate, by any means, the documentation necessary for a better understanding of the laws and regulations relating to investment;
  • setting up information systems allowing investors to access data of all kinds necessary for the preparation of their projects;
  • setting up databases relating to business opportunities and to resources and potential at the local level
  • to keep, in relationship with the administrations and organizations concerned, a database on the availability of land intended for investment;

2- In the field of facilitation

  • The establishment and management of the investor’s digital platform,
  • Assessing the investment climate and suggesting measures to improve it;
  • Providing all necessary information, in particular on investment opportunities in Algeria, the land offer, the incentives and benefits related to the investment and the related procedures.

3- In the field of investment promotion

  • Undertaking any action with public and private bodies in Algeria and abroad to promote investment in Algeria;
  • Developing  and suggesting an investment promotion plan at national and local levels, and designing and implementing actions of capital mobilization necessary to implement it;
  • Providing a business relationship and facilitation service for contacts between investors and promote business and partnership opportunities;
  • Maintaining and developing cooperative relationships with similar foreign bodies;

4- In the field of investor supporting

  • Organizing an investor guidance and support service;
  • Setting up an advisory service, if necessary by calling on external expertise;
  • Supporting investors with other administrations.

5- In the field of benefits management

  • To draw up certificates of investments registration and proceed, if necessary, with their modification;
  • To identify, on the basis of the criteria and rules defined by the regulations in force, the structuring projects and conclude the agreements stipulated by article 31 of the law n ° 22-18 of 25 Dhou El Hidja 1443, corresponding to July 24th, 2022 referred to above;
  • To check the eligibility for benefits, of registered investments;
  • To stamp the lists of goods and services eligible for benefits, introduced by the investor;
  • To establish decisions to withdraw benefits;
  • To establish the report of starting operation and determine the duration of the operation period advantages granted to the investment;
  • To manage, in accordance with the regulations in force, the cases of sale or transfer of goods and services having benefited from the advantages,
  • To establish value added tax (VAT) exemption authorizations.

6- In the field of monitoring

  • To ensure, in contact with the authorities and bodies concerned, that the commitments made by investors are respected,
  • To process the investor’s requests and complaints;
  • To develop an observation, listening and monitoring service for registered investments.


Algerian Investment Promotion Agency

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency –AAPI– is a public institution of an administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.


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