Why Algeria ?

Algeria is an important and strategic market with particular advantages

Largest country in Africa and the Arab World

10th largest country in the world

Africa Gateway

Favorable geographic position, close to European market

Quick and direct access to economic metropolises

Local market: 2,381,741 km² – 44.62 million hab

Large border markets

Some of the highest sunshine deposits in the world

Significant oil and gas reserves; significant potential for shale gas development

Diverse and abundant natural resources


One of the densest roads on the African continent, with more than 127,000 km of roads and motorways


36 aerodromes


10 grands ports commerciaux, 3 ports pétroliers et 45 ports de plaisance et de pêche

Rail network

The largest and most modern rail network on the African continent with 4560 line lengths

Metro & Trams

1 metro, 6 trams

Functional, modern infrastructure meeting international standards

A skilled, young and competitive workforce

59,6 %

Working age population in Algeria

A university network
with 111 institutions

Including 54 universities

More than 250,000 Algerians

Graduate annually

More than 200,000 registered
in vocational training each year

In 1,207 vocational education and training institutions and structures

Competitive and advantageous
production factors costs

monthly salary

The average net monthly salary in the public sector is 58,400 dinars while in the private sector, it is 34,100 dinars. (Guaranteed minimum wage: 20,000 DA)
Electricity: price of electricity per KWh and 4,578 DA on average


Electricity: price of electricity per KWh and 4,578 DA on average


Energy: The prices of natural gas per KWh and 0.476 DA


Gasoline: 45.62 DA/L,
Gas Oil: 29.09 DA/L

Most competitive investment incentives and guarantees in the region

In its investment incentive policy, Algeria has taken measures to implement the commitments of the President of the Republic relating to the investment climate improvement and to ensure the appropriate conditions for freeing the spirit of initiative and diversifying the national economy, within the framework of a global and stable vision.

The adoption of an investment law that allows investors to benefit from several tax l advantages, depending on the location and the scope of the project, up to 10 years of exemption from: VAT, customs duties, registration duties, Property Tax and State Property Remuneration, Property Tax (TF), Corporation Profit Tax (IBS) and Professional Activity Tax (TAP).

Other additional advantages are also granted, such as the support of the State, partially or fully, for the development work and the infrastructure, necessary for their realization and transferring the benefits of the implementation phase to the beneficiary investor’s contractors responsible for carrying out the investment.

The establishment of this legislative framework guaranteeing the promotion and support of investments through the creation of a single window for Major Projects and Foreign Investments; the reduction of the processing time of files; the digitization of bureaucratic procedures; the transfer guarantees for investment funds and their revenues for non-resident investors.

Algeria has taken steps to consolidate an efficient, modern and accessible banking and financial sector that can make an effective contribution to the development of the national economy.

The Algerian banking sector offers a wide range of services, with a network that currently has a total of 20 public and private banks and 8 financial institutions.

Availability of investment funds, including the objective of reviving productive investment in Algeria, both by creating large national companies in strategic sectors and by stimulating the emergence of a network of successful SMEs, in particular in the activities of subcontracting.

The possibility of recourse to financial guarantee institutions:

    • the purpose of the (CGCI) Investment Credit Guarantee Fund is to guarantee the risk of default of repayment of investment loans granted by banks or credit institutions, In order to facilitate access to finance for SMEs and Tpe-Pe.
    • The Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs (FGAR) to facilitate access to medium-term bank financing to support the start-up and expansion of SMEs, by granting credit guarantees to commercial banks.

Financing support through public banks

Strengthened international arbitration agreements

  • Adherence to international investor protection conventions, relating to international guarantees and arbitration;
  • Signed 45 conventions and agreements on mutual investment promotion and protection;
  • Signing of 30 double taxation and tax avoidance treaties and agreements on income and wealth taxes.

Algerian Investment Promotion Agency

The Algerian Investment Promotion Agency –AAPI– is a public institution of an administrative nature, endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.


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