The One Stop Shops

It is created within the agency,  one stop shops as follows :

1- The One Stop Shop for Major Projects and Foreign Investments

A one-stop shop with national competence dedicated to Major Projects and Foreign Investments has been created in order to facilitate administrative procedures and attract foreign investors.

It is the unique interlocutor in charge of the accompanying missions in the accomplishment of all the necessary steps for the realization of major investment projects and foreign investments.

The One Stop Shop for Major Projects and Foreign Investments processes investment projects whose amount is equal to or greater than two billion dinars (2,000,000,000 DA) as well as investments the capital of which is wholly or partly held by foreign natural or legal persons, benefiting from the guarantee of transfer of the invested capital and the resulting income.

2- The decentralized One Stop Shops

The objective of the One Stop Shops is to enable national economic operators, legal or natural persons, to complete the registration, formalities and declarations to which they are bound, in the same place and within a minimum period

They are the unique interlocutors of investors at the local level. They provide assistance and support to investors in the completion of the investment formalities.

Decentralized one-stop shops have local competence for investments other than those under the One Stop Shop for major projects and foreign investments.

The mission of the one-stop shops is to be the unique vis-à-vis of the investor. They are namely responsible for

  • Welcoming the investor;
  • Registering investments;
  • Management and monitoring of investment files;
  • Supporting investors in the relevant authorities and bodies

The One Stop Shops missions

The One Stop Shop Component

The one-stop shop brings together, in one place, in addition to the Agency’s agents, the representatives of

  • Taxes administration ;
  • Customs administration ;
  • The National Center of Trade Register;
  • Urban planning departments;
  • Bodies in charge of land intended for investment;
  • Environmental services,
  • Labor and employment bodies,
  • Social insurance funds for employed and self employed persons;

  • the realization of investment projects;
  • the issuance of decisions, authorizations and any document related to the exercise of the activity in relation to the investment project;
  • obtaining land for investment;
  • the monitoring of the commitments subscribed by the investor.

The public authorities and bodies representatives at the One Stop Shops are responsible for carrying out all tasks related to their respective missions as follows:

1- The Agency’s representative shall register the investments and notify the registration certificates. He shall be in charge of

  • Processing all amending requests of the investment registration certificate.
  • providing services related to companies incorporation formalities and investment projects implementation;
  • Stamping, immediately, the list of goods and services eligible for advantages, and if applicable, the extract from the list constituting the contribution in kind;
  • Ensuring the processing of modification requests of the lists mentioned above;;
  • Authorizing investments sale and advantages transfers;
  • Proceeding with the withdrawal of advantages, for investments falling within his competence on the proposal of the representative of the tax administration;
  • Determining the advantages duration for operating period on the basis of an evaluation grid

2- The tax representative is in charge of

  • Establishing value added tax (VAT) exemption authorizations relating to goods and services purchase, that are included in the list of goods and services benefiting from the advantages;;
  • Drawing up, in conjunction with the territorially competent tax authorities, the report of starting operation
  • giving formal notice to investors who have not complied with the obligation to submit the progress report and/or to draw up the notice of the report of starting operation;
  • Drawing up the half-yearly statement of reconciliation between investments whose effects of registration have expired and the report of starting operation received

3- The customs administration representative

Is responsible in particular for assisting the investor in carrying out the customs formalities related to the implementation and operation of his investment and for processing requests for the lifting of non-transferability of goods acquired under privileged conditions;

4- The representative of the national center of the Trade register

Shall deliver, immediately, the certificate of name non-anteriority and assists the investor in carrying out the formalities related to registration in the Trade Register.

5- The urban planning services representative

Is responsible for assisting the investor in the formalities completion related to obtaining the building permit and other authorizations relating to the right to build. He receives the files in relation to his responsibilities and ensures the monitoring until completion.

6- The environmental services representative

Is responsible for assisting the investor in obtaining the required environmental protection authorizations. He receives applications relating to his responsibilities and ensures the monitoring until completion.

7- The representatives of labor and employment services

Inform investors about labor and employment laws and regulations. They issue, within the regulatory deadlines, the work permits, and any relevant document required by the legislation and regulations in force,

They are also responsible for collecting jobs offers from investors and presenting them to candidates for the jobs offered.

8- The representatives of the social security bodies

Shall be responsible for issuing immediately, the employer’s certificates, the staff variation, the updating, the registration of employers and employees and any other document falling within their competence.

9- The representatives of the bodies

Responsible for granting land for investment are in charge, in particular, of informing investors about the land availability, to supporting them with their home administrations in the completion of formalities related to access to land.

The representatives of the services responsible for issuing decisions, authorizations and acts related to the exercise of the activity in relation to the investment project, other than those mentioned above, collect, each in his own sphere, the requests relating to these acts and authorizations, ensure their transmission to the concerned structures and monitor their processing until a final decision is made.

The representatives’ role

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